Week 17 Farm Share

Hello farm share members. Apologies for the belated post. This week in the shares you will find romaine lettuce, kale, purple bell peppers, summer squash, tomatoes, slicing cucumbers, padron peppers, pickling cucumbers and a mixed mustard greens bunch. The mustard greens are good fresh in salads and cooked. If you are a meat eater, they are really good placed under cooked meat where they will wilt slightly and soak up the juices. For the pickling cucumbers, try making fermented pickles. They are super fast to put together and full of natural probiotics. The recipe from Alton Brown from the Food Network is a great basic recipe, complete with an instructional video. These pickles come out crunchy and are great snacks or sliced on sandwiches or burgers. Find the recipe here. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/dill-pickles-recipe.html

Another thing we are all still doing is grilling. The weather has still been too nice to stop using the barbeque. Try making some veggie skewers for your next cook out or tailgate party. Just slide chopped vegetables on to soaked wooden skewers, grill and serve. With your favorite sauce. These ones went with dragon sauce, which was previously on the blog with a recipe. Anything really goes with grilled veggies so be creative! pieces of marinated meat are great with these as well, but we recommend keeping the meat on separate skewers as cooking times may differ quite a bit.

As always, we hope you are enjoying everything and we look forward to another eight weeks of fresh produce.

– The Simington Gardens Team